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Personalized Computer Science & Coding Tutor – Mumbai

Master Coding in Personal or Assorted Batch Tuitions

Gift your child the Cyber Advantage – in Computer Science & Coding. Enjoy Custom Tailored Courses with the benefit of Individual Attention. Avail the advantage of Learning at your Residence in Mumbai or Online for students abroad. Batch registrations attract special discounts – “Form your own Group and Share the Joy of Learning.”
Learning to Code (programming) helps you in all walks of life – be it business, management, engineering, or computer science itself. It is a fundamental skill.
Catering to students from from ICSE, IGCSE, IBDP SL & HL Educational Boards.
With tons of students from Top Schools in Mumbai having been enrolled already!

Benefits of Our Personalized Approach & Specially Curated Batches

“Usually students start at the age of 12 and learn from me through their 12th grade. Having a solid background in Computer Science and IT, I structure a customized 5 year career plan for each of my students. Thereby leveraging Computational thinking and improving their Core Fundamental strengthens in both Computer Sciences and Coding. I aim at boosting the above only to add an upper edge during my students’ undergraduate courses & further studies.”
– Prof. Ravi Ramakrishnan.

Our Courses :

Basic Python

• Did you know the most of Google and Youtube was coded using Python?
• Learn the best beginner-friendly language to create quizzes, shapes, and Loops.
• Ages 12 and above & Pre-requisite: None.

Advanced Python

 Learn more on loops, lists, OOPs, UI (Tkinter ) With ‘& File Handling (Data Storage).
 Students Learn to build Self-Learning AI app, ChatBot App & Shopping Cart App.
 Ages 12+ & Pre-requisite: Basic Python Course.

Game Development with Python

 Introduction to gaming- Learn to Make interesting & interactive 2D games using Python’s Pgzero module.
 Ages 12+ & Pre-requisite: Advanced Python Course

Data Structures in Java

o Learn how your Data is processed by all Leading Bank Softwares, Amazon and Google.
o Master Data Structures, Linked Lists, All Major Sorting & Searching Algorithms.
o While hiring, Amazon & Facebook looks for perfect knowledge of Data Structures in a candidate.
o Ages 18+ & Pre-requisite: Basic Java.

Java Web Development

 Learn Entire End to End Web Development using Servlets, Swing, Hibernate, JDBC, HQL, SQL, and HTML.
 Students end up creating a full-fledged working website.
 Ages 18+ & Pre-requisite: Basic Java.

Basic Java

 Java is most highly used language in industries.
 Learn the Object-Oriented concepts.
 Also useful for Students who have Java as Part of their ICSE and ISC.
 Ages 14+ & Pre-requisite: None.

Basic Web Design (HTML, CSS & Javascript)

 Learn to create a basic website using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
 Design, add Styles & effects to your page & make it interactive.
 Useful for school and college curriculum.
 Ages 12+ & Pre-requisite: None.

Data Science & Analytics with R

 Learn R, the Most trending Data Science/ Analytics Language Currently.
 Learn to generate knowledge out of your data that aids in critical business decisions.
 Ages 14+ & Pre-requisite: None.

Minecraft Game Mods

 Learn to build and customize mods for Minecraft game and better your playing experience
 Ages 12+ & Pre-requisite: Basic Java Course.

Your Teacher,

Mr. Ravi Ramakrishnan is a M.S. in Computer Systems Engineering from Northeastern University, Boston, USA, prior worked as a software engineer with PTC, IBM in Boston area & has been an after school tutor at OGPS in Boston.
Mr. Ravi has been a visiting faculty for degree level IT courses in Jai Hind & Sydenham colleges (Churchgate, Mumbai). Now a Professional tutor for Computer Science in South Mumbai for students attending top schools including Dhirubhai Ambani International School, The Cathedral and John Connon School, American School of Bombay, Bombay International School etc.


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